For Home Owners & Tenants – Manage Home and Move-in easily now!

Oct. 18, 2018 by

  After helping out close to 5000+ customers to move into a clean hygienic home comfortably, we have realised we can make this experience even more awesome for you guys. For all

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Oct. 8, 2018 by

Hi, Hope you are having a lovely day! We have recently launched a new product – The idea behind the product is committed to providing you with the best property

Sep. 14, 2018 by

NO Whoopee Claims. NO AI Robots Helping You. NO Funny Business. JUST A BIG SALE! Note : Offers are valid for this month only. Kitchen Deep Cleaning Rs 200 off

Unplan Offers for the month of August – The Freedom Sale

Aug. 8, 2018 by

UNPLAN YOUR AUGUST The Unplan Freedom Sale has been curated to offer everything you have been looking for this season:-)  Note : Offers are valid for this month only. Kitchen

Unplan Offers For The Month Of July

Jul. 12, 2018 by

  UNPLAN YOUR JULY P.S. The next few days of this month is gonna feel like Diwali. Note : Offers are valid for this month only.     Full Home Deep Cleaning

5 real risks that concern you about house cleaning

May. 14, 2018 by

Disgusting gunk is guaranteed it’s lurking somewhere inside your home. This nasty stuff can be found even in the cleanest house. Many of our home are seen spotless but till

Tips for rental home painting

May. 11, 2018 by

by Arya Sree Got a new rental home? How to take an ordinary white rental apartment wall and turn it into something a little more awesome? Rental home painting helps

15 important tips on how to deep clean your bathroom

May. 11, 2018 by

by Arya Sree It’s your turn to clean the bathroom today and you fear the worst. What daunting thing is lurking in the shower for you! You will have the

How Paint can help to keep your home cooler during summers.

Apr. 13, 2018 by

  By Amritha Nair It’s that time of the year when its super hot and you are wondering what can you do about it. The popular older method to keep

Why is an Undercoat needed or Why is Undercoat crucial in interior painting ?

Jan. 2, 2018 by

By Anuradha JK Painting for living room and exterior house paint job can be grueling and cumbersome. However, who doesn’t like a house with that renovated look after good home painting. The

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