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risk free cleaning tips
Disgusting gunk is guaranteed it’s lurking somewhere inside your home. This nasty stuff can be found even in the cleanest house. Many of our home are seen spotless but till we get into the deeper areas. Now we go deeper into these areas and start cleaning. But are you aware about the risks that are involved with cleaning? Here are 5 real risks that come with house cleaning process:

  1. Parasites

It’s is very creepy when we talk about things that creep and crawl because most of the house cleaners will be freaked out with this kind of stuff. We get allergic to many parasites and get rashes on our body.

· You can always wear a gloves so that parasites does not go under your finger nails

· Use DE-Worming products in your pets and keep them clean.

· Use mouth covers while you clean your home

2. Getting injured

Cleaner should be prepared for anything. We should keep our safety tool ready at anytime. You want to clean the ceiling and fans that is when you are at danger. Make sure that you use good supportive stuffs like ladder, tables, chairs etc. this should be strong enough to with stand your weight.

3. Causing damages

Sometimes we get super excited about cleaning and end up in damaging our own favorite items. A proper care should be taken while cleaning your home. Clean the stuffs in your home and keep it in the same place with lot of care. Take your time, don’t hurry when you clean.

4. Unprofessional finish

We all start cleaning thinking that the work finishes just in the way we want it to. But then we end up in a very unprofessional way of cleaning. We mess up one thing in to get the other cleaned. Sometimes we see many other places dirty because of our cleaning.

5. Too much money and time

You may sometimes invest more money in purchasing tools for cleaning; hiring maid etc and end up in a huge lose. There is also a hidden cost incurred in this, the cost of your time. So when you think about all this expenses we are putting our money and time in a great risk.

by, Arya Sree

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