Experiment with Wall Texture Designs and Texture Paint like never before!

Feb. 17, 2017 by

Give your house a new look by playing around with textured walls TEXTURE PAINT: The paints that give wall texture of different kinds and designs are referred to as texture

Dress up your walls with Stencil Painting!

Feb. 17, 2017 by

A very simple but charismatic method of home decoration, which is also often forgotten in pursuit of elaborate ideas is Stencil Painting. Interior design by way of stencils is not

Optimal Kitchen Design and other decor ideas

Feb. 17, 2017 by

The kitchen design (part of the overall architectural design) is one of the most integral components present in one’s house plans. It’s simply not just the place where the food

5 useful points to remember when choosing the right exterior paint colors for your house

Feb. 17, 2017 by

  Work your magic on the house exterior by just using wall paints. Unplan tells you how: 1) Paint Quality : The paint quality is the cardinal thing to keep

Comparing Home Paint Colors: Asian Paints, Berger Paints, Dulux Paints & Nerolac Paints

Feb. 17, 2017 by

Choosing one brand from among the many in India can be quite confusing. There is not one but many companies in the home painting industry, some of which are :

Give a contemporary look to your bedroom with these useful tips!

Feb. 17, 2017 by

One spends the maximum amount of time in their bedroom and everyone would always want to make this time fantastic. Bedroom interiors just cannot be neglected!. Follow the latest bedroom

Paint Overlapping Problems

Feb. 17, 2017 by

Paint Overlapping Problems Problems such as that of lap marks, overlapping paint and an uneven and shoddy paint job can ruin even the most attractive of walls otherwise. An interior

Move in services – Home Repair, Painting, Cleaning and Pest Control from Unplan

Feb. 10, 2017 by

Rental painting is a recent trend in metro cities like Bangalore where a basic basic Tractor Emulsion painting is done after Tenants move out from the rented house. As the

Paint Overlapping

Jan. 19, 2017 by

An interior room paint job may not look even at times when lap marks occur. These marks may be an indication of the following: Wall painting at a higher temperature

Wall Paint Colours and How They Affect Your Lifestyle

Jan. 19, 2017 by

Colors have a huge impact on your mind and moods. As per the study of colours and paints, wall paint colours can affect your perception of surroundings. Individual colors and

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