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after party cleanup

by Reshmi Janardanan

There will various occasions coming up throughout the year that demands to organize a party or an event. Party/event can be held for several reasons such as —  house warming, new year, wedding, engagement, birthday, anniversary, a get together, movie or sports day, apartment community event, a musical night, the list is never ending…..

 A lot of thinking goes into organizing and planning, such as date, time , location, guest list, dress code, theme, food and beverages, gifting , entertainment and so on. 

By the time the party or event ends, everyone had a nice time and is so exhausted that they want to hit the bed. Well, not everyone can…The party or event floor is quite a mess!!!..These is fallen food, spilled beverages, papers, decorative items, balloons etc. lying around waiting for the hosts.

No matter whether you have your event or party arranged at home or outside. Whatever the occasion may be, at the end of the event or party the hosts always face the trouble of cleaning. However prepared they are to handle the cleanup they can’t relish the moments and rest enough.This is always a pain.

What a relief it would be to know that the headache of all the after party cleaning is going to be taken care by professionals. All you have to do is relax and think about your plans for the next day, while our people make your place spotlessly clean

We take care of your messy kitchen, clean and sanitize your bathroom, clean all your dirty dishes, all dirty glassware and crockery are cleaned, dried and put back in position and all the trash emptied. The entire house or the party area is put back in order when you can just chill and relax with your friends and family.

after event cleaning            Image courtesy: Google images, Pinterest

We want you make every event and party of yours completely hassles free and help you enjoy every bit of your party. We provide excellent cleaning services ensuring that you are fully satisfied and happy with our service.

Getting professional help can really help you save a lot of time and effort. Our service is fast, reliable and delivered on time.

Our staff are highly professional trained and affordable. They are fully equipped for cleaning and can provide amazing results with their expertise. we want to make your event highly memorable getting rid of all your after party headaches.

While planning for your event or party, include the plan to wrap it up without hassles. Talk to us about the service, timing and pricing. We Unplan ( | +91–9108284705) and Origamispaces ( | +91–7619276688) are just a phone call away. We suggest pre-booking our services at least a week before your required date and time.

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