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Before moving into new home we generally have different ideas about how we want to make our new place beautiful , at the same time attractive, trendy and stylish. One of the contemporary styles is Eco-friendly designs.

eco friendly designs for living room

The word “Eco-friendly” have been used very frequently now a days. What exactly is an Eco-friendly design?

The word Eco-friendly means earth-friendly and not causing any harm to the environment and using materials that are more connected to nature. This also means conservation of our resources like money,water,natural gas etc. and using recyclable or reusable items where possible , there by reducing the various kinds of pollution that the environment faces.

 office designs

As responsible people , it is very important for us to choose sustainable materials for decorating or furnishing our home.

Using Eco friendly interiors is the conscious decision of choosing those resources which have least negative impact on the environment. These designs help us to use “less” but to get the most out of what we have.

eco friendly home interiors

There are various ways by which we can make our home interior design natural and friendly to the nature and ensures human well being.

          1.Use indoor plants

Choosing the right indoor plants can improve the air quality in the living space. Some of the plants that can help are money plant,peace lily,succulents , snake plant,lucky bamboo,aloe Vera etc . It is also important to select plants that are not poisonous especially when there are kids or pets around. These plants are easy to maintain and also add to the aesthetic look of the space.

eco friendly ideas

         2. Use furniture made of natural materials

While selecting furniture for the interior , in spite of looking into the fact that it goes well with the theme of the interior and gives an aesthetic look, it should also be made of natural materials like wood, bamboo, coir etc. The furniture should be recyclable and easy to disassemble. 

furintures eco friendly designs

           3.Select the right paint

Selecting the right kind and color of paint is an important factor that will add to the home interior design. Ensure that the paint doesn’t contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).VOCs are evaporated when the paint dries and are hazardous to human when inhaled.

wall paints

           4.Use LED’s

Natural lighting should be the first preference while designing lighting for the home interior. LED’s are far more efficient and has long life when compared to traditional light. They also are far safer , affordable and comes in wide varieties. Please refer our other blog on various light design.


         5.Invest in Landscaping

Individual homes , apartment common area or office spaces can be designed by landscaping done by varieties of plants that can make the area look beautiful.

home or office Landscaping

          6.Go minimalist

These designs are use mostly use sustainable methods, are very simple but trendy. The designer takes into all consideration and designs around it so that the available space is best utilized and everything is well organised. For more on the minimalist design please go through the the following blog

minimalist kitchen interior       image courtesy: Pinterest, Unsplash, Pexels

The basis of any Eco-friendly interior design is to improve efficiency, choose sustainable material and make smaller carbon foot print. Do your bit to the earth, be the trend setter, design your home using an Eco-friendly way

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