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home interior - wardrobe design


by Reshmi Janardanan

Can you image your home without any wardrobes? No way….

Wardrobes,  a piece of furniture that are very vital in any home interior designs. They have to be trendy,  matching one personal choice or style at the same time meet our storage needs. The whole purpose of wardrobe is to organize things which makes our home look tidy and clean.

Before selecting or creating wardrobe it is necessary to have a clear idea of the following

Where we want to have our wardrobe ?

How much space is available and the type of wardrobe?

How tall you want your wardrobe to be?

How many shelves, drawers, racks are needed?

All these may vary from person to person. People have different style of organizing and keeping things some like clothes folded others like it hanging,some like more shelves others like it less.some like to collect lot of things and may need more space to store while others don’t like keeping old stuff and so on…

Wardrobe design should be matching to ones need best utilizing the available spaces. The interior of the wardrobe should satisfy our requirements at the same time the exterior should match with the theme of the space.

bedroom interior wardrobe design

Well designed wardrobes can make the bedroom spacious and appear elegant.

Types of wardrobes:

Standing wardrobes:

home interior design standing wardrobe

Standing wardrobes can be easily moved to different room or house. It acts as an additional storage . This comes in different sizes and of different materials like wood, glass, metal or plastic. Stand alone wardrobes need to have open space in the front for opening the doors.

Sliding doors:

home interior - sliding wardrobe

Sliding door wardrobe designs are apt for apartment interior designs where there is no wastage of space for opening the door of the wardrobe. This can give a clean and modern look to the interiors.

Walk-in closet:

bedroom home interior

Walk-in closet gives the luxury to walk inside the wardrobe. Its a good design if you have sufficient space and huge collection of items to store. It would have storage and hanging space on sides preferably both sides and a chair or bench in the middle. This can be added to a bedroom with a sliding door partition.

Corner wardrobe:

These have to be custom designed according to the available space in the room. They make effective use of the corners that are generally not used. There are plenty of design and storage options that can be chosen from and the interior designer can guide you to make the right selection for your home.

home interior designs corner wardrobe design

Kids wardrobe:

kids room home interior

                                                                         Image courtesy : pinterest

Kids wardrobe need sufficient storage space at the same time it should be easily accessible for the kids. It should also be easy to operate and should be of attractive design suiting their interest.

Variety of options in terms of design , material and budget are available for wardrobe. we Unplan ( | +91–9108284705) and Origamispaces ( | +91–7619276688) can work with you to design your wardrobe satisfying all your needs and interest.

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