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interior home design - false ceiling

by Reshmi Janardanan

Any interior design should match between aesthetics, acoustics, lighting, ventilation and environmental factors to achieve perfect balance.

False ceiling (also known as Dropped ceiling or Secondary ceiling), hanging from the main ceiling on suspended supports, can improve the acoustics and aesthetic look of your house. Dropped ceiling can give your home interior a very trendy look.

interior design false-ceiling

Natural lighting may be less in houses for various reasons. False ceiling helps to improve the roof lighting and give your home good ambiance.

interior design false ceiling dining room

False ceiling can be designed for homes, offices, malls, restaurants, halls or any commercial buildings. It can also be used to hide the wiring or AC ducts and can give a smooth finish to the ceiling.

Types of false ceilings:

False ceiling can be done using Gypsum, POP (Plaster of Paris), PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride), Metal, Wood, Glass, Fiber, Synthetic leather or Cloth

Gypsum: This is made from Hydrated Sulfate of Calcium. It makes the material hard, flexible, light weight and is easy to install. Gypsum which comes as gypsum board need to be broken into parts as needed and can be hung with the help of framework.

interior design gypsum false ceiling

POP: This is widely used material for false ceiling which is light weight, cost effective, attractive and durable. POP can be molded into any shape which makes it highly flexible.

interior design - POP false ceiling

PVC: These are easy to maintain, durable, light weight and water resistant. They are mainly used in living room, bedroom and kitchen designs.

interior home design- PVC -falseceiling

Metal: Durable metals like Galvanized Iron and Aluminium are used. The metal ceiling panels can be laid on steel grid with T-sections or cross-sections that are suspended from the ceiling.

 interior home design - metal false ceiling

Wooden: These are commonly used and gives a traditional, classy look to the interior. It is easy to install and highly durable.

interior home design - wooden false ceiling

Fiber: It is made from man made synthetic minerals. Designs using Fiber work well as sound and heat insulators. Fiber designs are very economical and can be used for temporary purposes.

interior home design - fiber false ceiling

Glass: Glass false ceiling designs act as insulator and are fire resistant .They look great and are aesthetically awesome.

interior home design - glass false ceiling

Leather or Cloth: Synthetic Leather or Cloth are also used in False ceiling designs. They can be cut and stitched into any shape or form. Due to maintenance difficulty it is mostly preferred for temporary designs.

interior home design - leather false ceiling

Among all the materials discussed above, POP is widely preferred. These are the steps interior designers typically follow to install false ceiling:

  1. Mark the design with color thread.
  2. Set the aluminium channels for the design which helps to suspend the false ceiling.
  3. After this electrical wiring for lighting need to be provided.
  4. Finally plaster of Paris work (POP) is done.

Cost of false ceiling: Cost depends on the complexity of design and materials used. During 2017–2018, POP based design pricing was in the range of Rs.75 — Rs.125 per sq feet (including labor, excluding electric work)

Unplan ( | +91–9108284705) and Origamispaces ( | +91–7619276688) can help you with false ceiling designs which fits your budget and taste. We work with you to understand your requirements, help design false ceiling interiors which suits your space. 

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