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By Anuradha JK

Even though you will not be occupying by a guest room, the interior design should make it as comfortable and cozy as your own room. Your guests will take back memories of your home with them, so the design of the guest room should be made as amenable to the guests’ stay as possible. In India, guests are considered equivalent to God. The decor of the guest room will create an impression of your personality on your guests. You must also take into consideration the tastes and preferences of your guests. Let the guest room be as spacious as the home plan allows so that you can comfortably accommodate your guests and your own space is not intruded upon.

Here are some home decoration tips brought to you by Unplan that will help design a cozy guest room:

1) Comfort and Coziness: Your aim should be to make your guests as much at home as possible. This can be achieved only through the creation of a snug environment.  A water bottle is a must-have in a guest room. You can have a basket of treats in the room, and you can personalize this based on who’s coming. You can ensure that your guests have access to your Wi-Fi password. Ensure that you have warm bedding. Include layers such as a quilt and a fleece blanket.


2) Location and Space: The guest room should be located at some distance from your own room in your house plan to ensure your own as well as the guests’ privacy. This can be achieved by an effective, architectural design, one that allows sufficient space for the guest room in your home plan so that a number of people can be accommodated  at the same time.

guest room design

3) Easy access to the bathroom: An integral part of the guest room plan is the facility of an attached washroom. Ensure that there are plenty of bath towels and toiletries in the bathroom. You can also include a bathrobe to create a feeling of luxury in your guests.

4) Ensure that you have hangers and an abundance of closet space: Include a laundry hamper so that your guests can do a round of laundry when they are staying for a long period of time. Make sure that you also have empty surfaces and drawers. Don’t crowd your guest room with your belongings. This could make them feel like they’re intruding on your space. Include books and magazines in your guest room so that they have something to read.

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5) Furniture and decor: Use neutral furniture that is not too conservative or modern as you cannot cater to the tastes of all your guests. Use decorations carefully. Do not clutter your guest room with lots of picture frames and knick-knacks. This can make guests feel ill-at-ease.

guest room design

6) Paint it light: You can confidently use bold colors and textures in your own room. However, the guest room will not be used by a single guest but will accommodate different people with different tastes and preferences. Thus, it is safer to use colors that are light and neutral. Use curtains to enhance the attractiveness and charm of the room. This will create a feeling of ease and comfort among your guests.

guest room design

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