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Forever Fragrance


Housekeeping is a complex activity and moreover it is a smart task. The homemaker has to be wise enough while choosing from among different options in diverse orientations. Apart from home cleaning and hygiene maintenance, making the living place beautiful and adorable is also on the agenda of most of the enthusiastic homemakers. Deep clean maneuvers also need to be undertaken at regular intervals as the routine cleaning exercise often fails to deliver complete satisfaction. However, as truly said, value addition is done only through specialty attributes. These days, people seek to add value to their homes by making it smell good among many other things.

Experts at Unplan that offers frontline housekeeping services in Bangalore have tips for the seekers who wish to fill up their places with pleasant smell! You can also try these 4 simple hacks as DIY tasks to make your home fragrant!

1) Natural room fresheners.

Grab from the superstore, some natural room fresheners of your choice. You should be careful to look for the ingredients and never buy the one that has unnatural products; as these will generate harmful residues in the home ambience.



2) Live plants that offer pleasant smell through their flowers and nectar.

Bring in some celebrated species of flora like jasmine & mogra to fill up your house with pleasant smell. Jasmine is a perfect choice. It blooms at night and delivers immersive fragrance!



3) Disinfect the corners and crevices to control bad odour.

Regularly disinfect the corners that remain untouched during routine cleaning. Another way is to grow plants in the corners of your rooms and halls, this keeps the entire house fresh.



4) Odour soaps for the bathroom and toilets.

Hang odour soaps and fresheners in toilets and bathroom to curb the foul smell in such places that develops due to enough of moisture there.



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