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minimalist interior design

by Reshmi Janardanan

Life is simple and blissful and we don’t want clutters in our life. If you believe in this then you will definitely love to have minimalist design around you.

American artist Donald Judd once said, “A shape, a volume, a color, a surface is something itself. It shouldn’t be concealed as part of a fairly different whole. The shapes and materials shouldn’t be altered by their context”.

As the word says minimalist designs are simple home design but brilliant, creative way of designing.

“minimalism” began in the early of twentieth century and became a popular designing style for fashion, painting and music. minimalist designs focus only the essential part of the feature stripping away everything that distracts user attention and enhances the overall elegance and purpose. But this does not mean that its less creative.

minimalist interior designs suit any space— simple home design, office interior designs or commercial interiors. These designs can give a elegant modern look to the place.

Living area Designs

minimalist interior design for living area

white is the main color for this style but is not limited to white alone. Any non flashy color can be used. If bright colors are used, restrict to one for better look.

Study and Bedroom Designs

bedroom interior - minimalist home design

Bedrooms and your favorite study room in minimalist designs can give a contemporary look to it. Geometric abstractions of design can give a perfect look to your interiors.

Designs for office spaces:

Minimalist design emphasis on the empty space between objects. More empty space emphasis more visual attention on the existing objects and gives more power.

office interior

What differentiate minimalist design from others is the minimal range of colors that it uses, getting the maximum viewer attention with few selected colors. Why do you need huge space when you can make your little space look spacious with less color?

Unplan ( | +91–9108284705) and Origamispaces ( | +91–7619276688) can help you select the best minimalist design that suits your place and interests.

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