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by Silpa Tubati

A mirror is a designers key strength, for most people its just a object of reflection but it can be used to amplify light, empty spaces with creative exterior frames which on the whole add’s a touch of drama to any room for that matter.


wall mirrors

They are generally large in size which are mounted onto the wall can be designed into any shape with frames and brackets, will look authentic for office and household spaces.


Antique mirrors

Such mirrors do not age over time they add a fresh and vintage touch to any space of a particular room.


Floor mirrors

Are portable mirrors which have wooden,metal and bronze frames adds a rustic look to the whole space and can make even a small space look brighter and charming.


Spherical mirrors

Are made out of glass or polished metal, because of its variations in shape and versatility they are found in different textures of artistic display in households and commercial spaces.


Mirrors for dressing table

A dressing table is a vital part of any bedroom or dressing room , it offers a simple method to organize multiple objects in one place. It keeps all the required objects in an systematic way in a single place. 

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