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By Silpa Tubati

A pantry serves as an informal gathering space where employee’s and other staff members can pause for few minutes from their busy everyday schedule to enjoy a refreshing cup of hot or cold beverage.


Many firms keep their pantries well stocked with healthy snacks and beverages available free of charge to make the employee’s feel appreciated and to create a friendly atmosphere at offices. So why not make the space look fabulous using good lighting, wall pieces and other decor accessories.


A plain space is boring to look at …right? so why not brighten it up using colored chairs, tables ,motivational and funny wall hangings to keep the worked up employee’s going for the rest of the day.


To make a pantry look exquisite considering a set of contrasting colors and simple accessories can make the atmosphere feel pleasant.


Pantries are companies culture as it promotes employee engagement ,communication and collaboration and from personal experience creative ideas are generated when having a normal conversation and sipping some hot coffee.


Picture courtesy: pintrest

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