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drawing room

By Anuradha JK

The drawing room is normally designed to be situated at the entrance of one’s house while formulating the house design, and a good beginning to the house gives an overall good impression to the whole house as well. Thus the importance of this home entrance in any interior design cannot be undermined when the impression of a drawing room reflects on the rest of the rooms too. Home design is often planned according to one’s individual personality as its reflection. The same stands true for the drawing room too.

Keep the following home decorating tips in mind before starting your the interior home decoration and successfully implement your decorating ideas:

1) Paint: Painting your walls with light paint colours give multiple benefits. Not only do they make the room appear bigger, they also grant a subdued, light and breezy feel and environment to your drawing room. You need not restrict yourself to only one particular room paint design or theme or even limited sets of wall paint colors, say, some commonplace paint combinations for the drawing room. Instead, use neutral and simple colours like off white, light coffee or light grey for your drawing room as these will provide all the aforementioned benefits.

drawing room design

2) Go green: A hint of green and greenery in general never hurts while incorporating in room decor ideas. It is suggested to plant green-leaf vines like money plant and other plants of the same category to make your drawing room look truly amazing.

drawing room go green

3) Paintings and photographs: Modern art paintings or getting photographs framed can turn out to be one of the most efficient interior design ideas to cover a large wall with even a small budget.

drawing room design



4) Wall Clock: An attractive wall clock in your hall can be a beautiful touch of refinement to your house design plans as a stylish wall clock grabs eyeballs like nothing else.Untitled design

5) Curtains: Curtains in the same colour scheme as your walls and in accordance with the furniture lends a royal look to your living room interior design.

6) Television set: Installing the latest television in your living room is both stylish and entertaining. Place your television in such a manner that it is at eye-level and you are able to keeps bookshelves and other suitable furniture items near your TV.

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