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While designing their home plan, everybody questions the importance and necessity of wall painting as a component of interior design. Unplan seeks to resolve this query! We’ll tell you why painting walls is one of the essential tasks in our home plans. There are a variety of functions that painting your home serves that contributes to this belief. Covering your walls with paint provides protection from pollution, chemical attacks (such as acid commonly present in rain), UltraViolet radiation among other avoidable and unavoidable environmental factors. Buildings thus, can be protected with these protective applications of paint. There is a range of different paint colors for home and several varied kinds of coatings that can be used to protect different types of surfaces. Using a high performance exterior paint coating is most effective in serving the cause of protection of the building.

Whenever one plans on constructing a new house or renovating their home, a lot of care and effort goes into designing the house plans as one is quite conscious about accentuating one’s interior as well as its exterior house design. Without paint, the walls look unattractive and dull, beside losing their strength and firmness over time. Unpainted or only bare cemented walls are often those which may be covered with only one layer of unappealing or dull paint. This dilemma can actually be resolved with just one simple step, that is, with wall paint colours. Painted walls can make your life happening and wall paintings can make your house look surprisingly charming!

Essentiality of Wall Painting and Wall Painting Designs

Functionality purposes – Painting can also help us to improve a wide range of practical purposes of building like stability, heating and cooling etc. Example-, people often end up spending a lot of money in installing heating and cooling devices in their homes when the solution to control temperature is just a step away with a new paint technology (the IR reflective pigments) that can be used to cool the roof and other home areas. Some exterior paint colors may in fact, also be used to identify hazards that can threaten building stability.

Environment Friendly – The advent and rise of phenomena like global warming and climate change is forcing paint companies to let go of solvent paints and instead switch to environment friendly paint for walls. They’re, hence, doing their bit to save energy and prevent this climate change.

Home Looks More Beautiful -We talk about the primary purpose of using paint in the first place, i.e to increase the attractiveness of our homes! Wall paint is of no use if it does not make walls more beautiful. Thus, choose one that is the most visually attractive along with possessing the other properties we talk about.

One-time good investment- Apart from accentuating the looks and maintaining the durability of your home, painting provides one of the best return on investments.

Frugal and cheap- A long time investment in house paint colors can help us save a lot of money in the future. We end up spending a lot of money on house cleaning, which becomes easier to do with painted walls. This is due to the fact that painted surfaces protect walls from staining and marks. However, finding the right paint colors for home can be quite confusing. Below are some of the properties which help us to choose a good paint colour for our house.



COVERING ABILITY-  Effective and efficient home painting requires the paint to cover the surface evenly such that it leaves the wall surface smooth after a paint coat. This is required not only for the aesthetics but also to improve the functional properties of the building and contribute to the building design.

WEAR AND TEAR- Only a resilient paint is a good paint. A resilient paint can be described as one which is resistant and not prone to succumb to the hardships of time. It should be such that it keeps the wall colour effectively presentable for a long period of time.

EASE OF CLEANING- Not only on its applicability on the walls, but a good paint should also provide the ease of removal.

REACTIVITY- A fine exterior paint/interior paint should not be susceptible to reacting with the material, but should only cover the surface.

APPEARANCE- The primary use of house colours is to be appealing to look at. Thus, paint is first and foremost useful for its aesthetic value

COST – Paying for the paint colour should no burn a hole in your pocket! Hire only a licensed company to paint your home, one that uses cost effective and durable paint.

It is an agreed fact that one’s home appearance is a reflection of their individuality and persona. Thus, one has to carefully consider the colour theme to be chosen along with other integral aspects like the wall colour design and the paint type. Different colour paints signify different moods. For example, Yellow is indicative of peace and friendship, red of vibrance and passion, etc. Hence, one cannot undermine the importance of choosing just the right colour for the right wall to represent the right kind of personality or mood.

So, decide on your own colour theme and wall design ideas and bring your imagination to life with the professional team of Unplan painters! Book an experience painting team with Unplan at | +91-9108284705!


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    We should paint our building so as to protect them from chemical attacks, UV attack. We should paint costly paint which contains everything that helps in protection.

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