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FAQs about your cleaning service

  • What is UnplanGo?

UnplanGo ( is a leading platform to book home cleaning services in Bangalore. We provide house cleaning services through a network of background verified and professionally trained maids on hourly basis. We offer cleaning packages for 1 hour, 2 hour and 3 hours.

UnplanGo is a sister concern of Unplan (, a leading property maintenance and renovation company in Bangalore. Team Unplan has served thousands of residential and commercial clients with its cleaning, painting and pest control services over the last 4 years.

  • How do I know I can trust the people you send to my home?

We on-board cleaners who meet our stringent criteria on cleaning experience, background verification and customer handling skills. Our background verification process involves aspects of Govt ID verification, Address verification, Previous employer check among many more experiential factors.

  • How much does your service costs?

Our services are charged based on the service time taken. Our charges are mentioned below -

1 Hour maid service - Rs 230

2 Hours maid service - Rs 400

3 Hours maid service - Rs 540

For every extra half an hour we charge Rs 100.

  • What is included in your maid service?

All our maid service packages can be customized as per your requirement. We leave it to the customer to get any kind of cleaning work done which is safe and without risk for our cleaners. Some frequent cleaning requirements are mentioned below -

  • Full House - Sweeping and Mopping

  • Kitchen cleaning - Utensils washing, kitchen slab, sink, cabinets, window cleaning etc.

  • Rooms and Halls - Dusting, furniture, doors, switches, windows cleaning etc

  • Bathrooms - Mirror, floor, wash basin, toilet bowl, fixtures cleaning etc.

  • Balcony - Duting, cobweb removal, floor cleaning etc.

Whats not included?

  • Unsafe, risky cleaning

  • Use of unsafe chemicals like acid etc.

  • Hard scrubbing of surfaces.

  • Will you cleaners be bringing their own supplies?

As most of the homes have their own cleaning supplies, our cleaners use your supplies and tools to provide the cleaning service. Our cleaners are trained on all popular cleaning tools such as mops, dusters, chemicals, vaccum cleaners so you can provide them with your tools for relevant jobs. One key objective of launching UnplanGo was to provide an affordable cleaning service by keeping the service costs less. We are able to do pass on cost benefits to our customers by saving on cleaning supplies and logistics. However, if by chance you want us to bring our own supplies, we request you to check our services at

  • When should I use your service?

Frankly anytime you want your house to be cleaned! We have designed our service to be on-demand, affordable for our customers. Here are some common situations when our customers book our services -

  • Whenever your maid bunks unannounced and you need a quick cleaning

  • During your maid's weekly off's(e.g. Sunday).

  • If you don't have a regular maid, you can schedule a cleaning few times a week.

  • Post party cleaning.

  • Regular weekly or bi weekly dusting service to clean up areas generally not cleaned by your regular maid.

  • If you are moving into a new home and the house is not very dirty. However if you feel the house needs a much deeper thorough cleaning, we recommend checking out our Deep Cleaning services at

  • Where are UnplanGo services available?

We are currently serving Indiranagar and surrounding areas. If we are not serving your locality, please note that we are working hard towards on-boarding cleaners in your areas. You can fill in your details here and we would let you know when we launch in your locality.

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