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Floor Design and Renovation Services

Renovate your floors with our expert design and installation team!



Our team of flooring experts would help you remodel the floors of your home or office as per your needs and taste. Reach out to us to talk to an expert.

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  • Design Consultation
  • Free and accurate estimate

  • Competitive Pricing

  • 100% Quality Guaranteed

Our Services


  • Installation of ceramic/ vitrified tiles

  • Installation of Natural stones (Granite, Marble and Quartz)

  • Installation of Vinyl sheet flooring

  • Installation of wooden/ laminates wood flooring

  • Chipping existing tile

  • Color consultation

  • Relaying of new tiles

  • Surface finish

  • Tile laying over existing flooring

  • Restoration of existing flooring

  • Tiling for new construction 

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Bathroom Flooring

  • Anti-skid tiles

  • Moroccan tiles

  • Printed tiles

  • Rustic Matt tiles

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Living room/ Bedroom Flooring - 

  • Moroccan tiles

  • Wooden tiles

  • Matt tiles

  • Marble effect tiles

  • Vitrified tiles

  • Solid colored tiles

  • Natural stone (Marble, granite and quartz

  • Patterned tiles

  • Vinyl flooring sheets

  • Natural wooden planks



Kitchen flooring - 

  • Vitrified glossy tiles

  • Matt tiles

  • Moroccan tiles

  • Natural stone (Marble, granite and quartz

Parking flooring -

  • Textured tiles

  • Digital/ printed tiles


Balcony flooring - 

  • Moroccan tiles

  • Natural stone (Marble, granite and quartz)

  • Matt tiles

  • Vitrified tiles

Commercial space -

  • Vinyl flooring sheets

  • Linoleum flooring

  • Vitrified tiles

  • Carpet flooring


Tile décor -

  • Stone cladding

  • Stone mural

  • Pebbles

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