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Kitchen Deep Cleaning service in Bangalore

Hire a professional maid service for your kitchen cleaning requirement in Bangalore!

  • Professionally trained and background verified

  • On demand as per your schedule

  • Affordable pricing

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FAQs about your Kitchen Deep Cleaning service

  • About Unplan -


Unplan( is a leading platform to book home services in Bangalore. We provide a suite of property maintenance, improvement and management services through a network of background verified and professionally  trained partners. Our services for residential and commercial properties are -​​

  • About our Kitchen Deep Cleaning Service -


Our kitchen deep cleaning service consists of 1-3 cleaning professionals cleaning your kitchen with specific cleaning tools and chemicals. The scope of the service is mentioned below - 

  • Cleaning and removal of stains from hob, stove, slab and sink etc

  • Oil stain and food stain removal of chimney, cabinets, wall tiles

  • Exterior surface cleaning of cupboards and cabinets(inside if empty)

  • Dust removal and cleaning of kitchen window, exhaust fan etc.

  • Exterior surface dusting and cleaning of kitchen appliances such as refrigerator, microwave etc.

  • Floor cleaning - sweeping and mopping

  • How do i know I can trust the people you send to my home?


We on-board partners who meet our stringent criteria on experience, background verification and customer handling skills. Our background verification process involves aspects of Govt ID verification, Address verification, Previous employer check among many more experiential factors.

  • How much does your service costs?


Our service cost is Rs 1600 (incl of taxes) for a regular sized kitchen.

Reach out to us in case of industrial kitchen cleaning enquiries at / +91-9108284705.

  • Will your cleaners be bringing their own supplies?

Yes, we will bringing all the required chemicals and tools for your service. In some cases, we would need stool/ladder from your side to clear high rises.

  • How much time does it take?


It takes approx. 2 - 3 hours to clean the kitchen. A few times it can take a bit longer as it depends on the current condition of the kitchen.

  • When should I use your service?


Frankly anytime you want your kitchen needs to be cleaned! We have designed our service to be on-demand, affordable for our customers. As kitchen area involves high usage and daily cooking, lot of the kitchen surfaces get stained due to oil and food stains. We recommend getting your kitchen deep cleaned every 3 months to keep it spic-n-span and free from any pests such as cockroaches and fruit flys.

  • What's not included in the service?


We follow safe cleaning techniques for all cleaning partners. Below are few tasks not included in our service delivery -

  • Unsafe, risky cleaning of inaccessible areas

  • Use of unsafe chemicals.

  • Hard scrubbing of surfaces.

  • Where are Unplan Kitchen Deep Cleaning services available?

We currently serve all of Bangalore city. You can always reach out to us at / +91-9108284705 to check availability of our services in your area.

Unplan's ​Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services


Our kitchen deep cleaning services are designed to ensure maximum cleanliness in kitchens at the most affordable prices for our customers. We carefully identify, select and train our cleaning partners to ensure hassle free cleaning experience for all our customers.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning covers

  • Kitchen slab, sink and hobb

  • Oil stain removal from chimney, cupboards and cabinets

  • Dust removal from Windows, exhaust fan

  • Cupboards and cabinets outside surfaces(inside if emptyy)

  • Exterior surface cleaning of appliances(refrigerator, microwave)

  • Dust removal from false ceiling

  • WC(toilet bowl) cleaning from inside and outside surfaces.

  • Hard water stain removal from all surfaces

  • Stain removal(acid wash if needed) of floor tiles

  • Cleaning of doors, handles

  • Cobweb Removal

Why Unplan?


Unplan partners with top quality professionals to provide the best quality services to you.

  • Professionally trained background verified professionals

  • Best cleaning tools and chemicals

  • On-demand as per your schedule

  • Affordable prices

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