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Cleaning, Repair, Maintenance For Your House On Rent

Getting your property ready for giving it out as a house on rent means you’ve to ensure that it’s in impeccable condition, it is attractive and pleasant on the eye. Only then it will be appealing to your potential tenant. If you want a top notch cleaning service, it only makes sense to get cleaning done by professionals.

Here are a few easy steps to get your rent house ready for the next tenant.

1. Inspection of complete house

Begin with the basics. In depth investigation of the house on rent. Jot down the necessities and required changes which need to be made. Make sure to cover everything; whether big or small, from a light bulb to a broken chair. Taking pictures is a great idea for before and after comparison.

2. Health check of electrical appliances

Ensure all electrical appliances are fixed and are in a good, working condition, and that the safety requirements are adequately met. If the refrigerator is spoilt, it might leave a bad impression on your tenant. Get it repaired or even replaced if needed.

3. Plumbing checks in bathrooms and kitchen

Carry out the necessary repairs in the bathroom and kitchen. Check to see if the taps are running properly and that there’s no issue with the temperature and the water pressure. Everyone likes a good working shower.

4. Painting & deep cleaning of full house

Painting is one of the most important features tenants look at in the house on rent. They don’t want to hear that you will get a paint job done after the signing of the lease, no. Get it done beforehand. A fresh lick of paint can go a long way in uplifting the look of your house on rent. Moreover, nobody wants to live in your dirt. Make sure it’s spotless, take the extra effort to call a cleaning service.

It’s always better to work with professionals who have already walked the walk and talked the talk. We at Unplan, would be happy to help you with our specially curated ‘Empty House Package’. Book now.

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