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Comprehensive services of repair for all types of wear and tear!

Broken chair? Relax! Broken light? At ease! Broken toilet? Tranquil! Broken table? Calm! Basically, when stuff breaks, we are there to fix it. Experts at Unplan only plan to rest you at ease. Yes, you got that right. We are a single company that gets it all done.

A broad range of repair works

Expert craftsmen and handymen at Unplan not only handle the above mentioned repair services, but we also have appropriate amenities for waterproofing your homes, electricians, civil remodelling and masonry works, grouting of tiles, carpentry services and also plumbing services. All of that at an astoundingly low price of only Rs.350/- per hour. No matter whether it is dingy, spoilt, chipped or even broken, you can count on us to get it all fixed in no time. Bob the builder has got some competition!

Comfort and convenience while sitting at home

Get all of the services availed right at your doorstep. You need not look any further. Our home repair contractors can save you the two of the most important things: time and money. We have a deep-rooted belief in comfort and convenience. We know you expect the best from our professionals and it’s safe to say that we do too. We have stringent background checks, our maintenance and repair handymen are trained thoroughly, hence, we back them to do a job which is satisfactory for you because, in the end, smooth and well-organized efforts is what we are all about.

We are always available for you

We are available round the clock, from 8 am to 6 pm. Even in such unprecedented times, we do not compromise on our top-grade quality of services. Site visitation is done also on a video call so no unnecessary visits take place adhering to all safety protocols. Improvise, adapt and overcome. That sums us up.

At Unplan, we possess a flair for organizing and easing your everyday chaos. Go ahead and hit on book now.

For Electrical repair work -

For Carpentery work -

For Plumbing work -

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