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Deep Cleaning Is The Need Of The Hour. Here’s Why

Deep cleaning is hard work. It is one step ahead of regular cleaning. Deep cleaning is therefore an obsessive agenda. It is much more detailed and thorough, which sets you up for success in the coming months. Although it is well known that coronavirus spreads through droplets of another person, it can also be transmitted through contact with infected surfaces. Yes, sure, it can be a demanding task, but if you follow these steps for deep cleaning, it shouldn’t be too hard for you. As nasty as it can be, it also can be quite rewarding.

1) Setting up of a plan

Deep cleaning is not something that you can achieve merely after one day after a day of work. It’s not that easy. What deep cleaning requires is for you to set up a plan, a schedule. List things you need to do, rooms you need to take care of, and attack them- one by one. It might take you a weekend, or several other weekends. It all depends upon the size of your home.

2) Start high, then go low.

You want to start with the ceilings, ceiling fans, even light bulbs and cover every corner that you would usually overlook when cleaning regularly. Then shift your focus to the surfaces of the floors, as that’s a place where dust and dirt accumulate day after day. A mop doesn’t work too well, get out a floor scrubbing machine, and give your floor a nice and tidy wash.

3) Don’t forget the deep cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms.

Let’s be honest, when was the last time you cleaned the area behind the refrigerator? Inside the microwave? It may look like your children’s painting project. Hence, those places need your undivided attention. Bathrooms also collect grime, mould, and mildew due to moisture and heavy usage.

Are you already tired just by reading this? Because we haven’t even covered all subjects. It’s a smart idea to call a professional cleaning service like Unplan for it. As we have the tools and machines required, the best cleaning personnel, as well as internationally graded chemicals. When we all come together and work on your home, it will be unrecognizable, for sure.

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