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Here Are All The Painting Tips And Tricks Your Home Needs

After living in the same house for years, you might get used to what you are seeing. You are so accustomed to looking at it, that you hardly pay attention to the details. You tend to ignore the blemishes, dents, and discolouration of the painting. It might only come to your realization that your home requires painting when important guests are coming over. Then you start looking at these flaws with a whole set of new eyes.

We, at Unplan, have a solution for you. With a few painting tips and tricks, you can spruce up your home and give it a facelift.

1) Bathroom Check

Your bathroom requires a painting job before any other room. Why you ask? Because of its heavy usage, harsh chemicals used as cleaning agents, its small space, and due to the regular moisture. Luckily, painting of a bathroom can be done in one day itself.

2) Bedrooms and Hallways

Do you have kids at your home? If yes, we feel you. Your children may use the walls of the bedrooms and the hallways as their canvas to create their masterpieces. Sometimes, a touch up is just not enough. You might never match the exact colour shade too. Hence, complete repainting is the right answer.

3) The Unexpected: Doors

You walk by and through them several times a day. But have you stopped and noticed whether the painting has faded over time? Or is the colour outdated or the painting chipped? Painting of your front door can instantaneously increase the attractiveness and charisma of your home.

Unplan’s process includes -

  • Free site visit to take measurements.

  • Provide colour consultation.

  • Pre painting covering of all non-paintable surfaces.

  • Regular updates and tracking.

  • Post painting deep cleaning.

  • Hassle-free delivery of the wholesome experience.

We help you to love your home again. Book a painting now:

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