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Here’s how to combat and kill the coronavirus

The Covid-19 scare is real. All the people surrounding us are endangered to coronavirus - something that is alien to us.

The number of coronavirus cases in Karnataka is also picking up pace. It’s best to be shielded and out of harm’s way and to sanitize is the only way forward. It sure has taken away our mental peace, freedom, happiness, calm, and tranquillity and it’s about time we restore our harmony.

Let’s fightback

In these unprecedented times, materialistic things don't matter, what matters is your friends and family and their overall safety. You ought to protect yourself and your loved ones. As they say, precaution is better than cure. Sanitize your home, office, or even restaurant and extract any possible source of contamination. Be safe, be smart. Researchers are speeding up and are trying their best to formulate a vaccine that works well and is safe. Until then, it’s best to take preventative measures by wearing a protective mask, washing our hands time and time again as well as sanitizing, maintaining social distancing.

Power is in your hands

You may also catch the virus if you touch a surface or object in your home, office, or even restaurant which is infected by an outside origin! The coronavirus can live for hours and even days on surfaces like countertops, doorknobs, silverware, glasses, and so on. The family of viruses can hang out on surfaces that you may touch every day!

Let us at Unplan, help diminish the foulness right from its roots to exterminate the risk of the virus by a great margin for you to breathe in peace and bliss.

Unplan has come up with extensive sanitization services using CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) approved chemicals for your home, office, and even restaurants to keep you alright and out of harm’s way.

For COVID19 sanitization and deep cleaning services, visit -

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