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Here’s What Sets Unplan Apart From Rest Of The Painting Services

As a business, there are so many big players in the painting space out there, so we have to be different, be better, to set ourselves apart from the rest of the painting services and work towards our long term sustainability in the industry. Here’s how do we do so:

1) Professionalism of our painting experts.

We want our customers to have the smoothest of experiences. Our highly-rated painting professionals are primarily trained in Asian Paints. We only onboard them at Unplan after stringent background checks and ensure they possess admirable customer handling skills, amongst other things.

2) Detail-oriented process of painting

Once you provide us with details of the built-up area, the type, and colour of paint you are contemplating, we provide you with an estimate. All of these steps are conducted online. On agreement, we will then visit the site and give you an exact quotation based on the measurements. We are well aware of the challenges involved in picking the right colour so we naturally provide a colour consultation from our expert interior designers. All without charging a penny. We also take care of masking and covering of non-paintable surfaces before painting, like beds, furniture, and so on. Let’s not forget about the post-paint deep cleaning as it’s a given for that extra spark.

3) Easy on the pocket

Our services are priced so competitively, you will certainly receive a run for your money. Starting from as low as Rs. 7 per sq.ft, you can rest assured that the price will not rise any further than the actual quotation. Our painting professionals also provide you with a timeline and stick to exactly that so no delay of work takes place.

Your safety matters to us, hence, we always take extra care of our employees. In your comfort, lies our satisfaction.

To know more, visit or give a ring on +91 9108284705.

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