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Hire expert painters at Rs 350 per hour

Dear Customer,

We hope you are safe and sound. We are reaching out to let you know about a new service we have just launched.

Now you can hire one or more Expert Painters from Unplan at just Rs 350 per hour per painter.

With WFH being the norm in the foreseeable future, redecorating your walls can be a good way to refresh and reboot. However, as many contractors have fixed cost of operations, finding a painter to do a small job is difficult.

With our hourly painting service, you can now hire expert painters for both small and bigger jobs. So, maybe next time when you want to change your wall (read Zoom) background, do give us a call :) See we made it as simple as changing wallpaper on your mobile phone! 

Team Unplan

To make a booking -

Phone - +91-9108284705

Email -

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