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Maintaining a Good Rapport with Your Tenants

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

A major part of being a good wonder of a rental home in India is your relationship with the tenants. It is only if your rapport is good and relaxed that they may consider renting the same place again after the first lease duration has relapsed. So here are some ways in which you can have a good rapport with your tenants:

1. Virtual Access

Most residents of rental homes in India today are college students or adults in their 20s. They prefer doing just about everything online, in almost all aspects of their life. So if you’re still in touch with your tenants via packages and documents in the mail, it would be pretty smart to upgrade to technological substitutes. It is fairly easy to share documents online nowadays, and giving the tenants the requested information immediately via technological communication will definitely add your name to the list of landlord success stories.

2. Be Available and Reliable

Always let your tenants know that you are available to help them with any requests that they need. Show them that you trust them as well, and let your reliability speak for itself. Often, property owners have multiple properties to keep a tab of, which becomes annoying but they can always hire companies that will provide them with a good property management system to help deal with it all.

3. Easy Transfer of Funds

Yet another way to get yourself higher on the list of landlord success stories is ensuring that you have payment methods set up to have the quickest and easiest way to transfer funds. This keeps the anxiety of the money has reached you at bay along with concerns about having lost the cheque or fewer notes in the cash pile.

Dealing with multiple properties and tenants can be a tedious task but it can be made easier with the property management system services that are offered by Unplan.

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