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Manage your home with Unplan

Managing your home just got easier!

Unplan is a home services and sanitization startup serving residential and commercial properties across Bengaluru. We work with highly rated local professionals to provide quality experiences to customers.

Our services are designed to cater to all your home maintenance tasks at affordable prices -

  • Hourly Maid Service- Sit back and relax with maids on your fingertips, starting at just Rs 200 per hour!

  • Pest Control - Say NO! to the cockroaches, ants, lizards, and bed bugs in your home with our expert technicians and branded products.

  • CoronaVirus Disinfection- Keep your family/employees safe from COVID19, we use the best approved disinfectants and anti-pathogen sanitizers in the market for a hassle free restart.

  • Painting - Our expert painting team is trained at Asian Paints academy to handle Interior, Exterior and Special designs as per your requirement. Get an on demand quote hassle free.

  • Move in/Move out and Empty House Packages- Move in hassle-free with all service under one umbrella with our customised packages. A special package with Painting, Home Repairs, Pest Control & Cleaning at exciting price!

  • Property Management Services- For the Landlords, Real Estate Brokers, and Remote Owners, we offer our property management services which consist of property maintenance, rental management and brokerage services. 

Team Unplan is working tirelessly behind the scene to ensure the best experience for you.

Happy Unplanning!

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