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Manage your properties hassle free with Unplan

We hope you and your family is safe and sound during this pandemic.

Many of our customers own rental properties in Bangalore and hire Unplan to manage the various tasks from either as a Property Manager or as an Integrated Service provider(through our Empty House Package).

Our Integrated Suite of Services, Professionally Trained Technicians and Affordable Pricing makes us a one stop shop for your End of Tenancy needs.

Real estate is one of the biggest asset in your portfolio. After serving more than 25,000 homes in the last 4 years, we understand the various pain points of Owners and Tenants -

Owners look for a hassle free tenant transition which in Bangalore would involve getting the property ready(repair, painting, cleaning), advertising the property availability(classifieds or through brokers), handling visits and then closing the rental contract.

Tenants on the other hand spend most of their house search on phone calls, visits, moving-in, figuring out the local services etc.

Unplan's property management team understands these pain points and is working towards creating the perfect solution for you. Our services are designed to provide the Owners with hassle free returns on their investment along with a superior move-in and stay experience to your tenants.

As COVID19 spreads, the case for remote management of assets becomes stronger day by day. The world is now moving towards a remote work/operations reality and we at Unplan are geared up to provide quality remote management for property owners.

If you or your friends/family own real estate in Bangalore and are bogged down with managing these properties, do drop us a message at / +91-9108284705.

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