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Office cleaning services for startups and small offices in Bangalore

UnplanGo service is designed to be on-demand, affordable, customizable scope and provided by professional maids.

Indiranagar is a top choice for office location for many early stage startups with team sizes from 1 to 50. Startup Entrepreneurs like the centralized location, easy mobility, access to talent and social infrastructure offered by Indiranagar. Many of these garage startups due to various reasons face problems with regards to their office maintenance. They can either -

1) Hire a facility management company one a per person monthly rate - Fixed cost around Rs 14000 per month per person

2) Hire and manage informal labour who can manage housekeeping, basic office work - Fixed cost around Rs 10000 to Rs 12000 per month per person

We at UnplanGo are happy to offer a 3rd option which is affordable(~ Rs 6000 to Rs 8000 monthly), On-demand and professional quality to Startups in Indiranagar.

We believe our services are relevant for garage startups and small offices who currently depend on informal labour for their housekeeping requirements. Entrepreneurs and Business owners can now use UnplanGo as their primary cleaning service to call on-demand whenever they would need it.

We would like to get feedback from startup customers on our service and work towards making it more relevant for them. Book your service at www.unplango!

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