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Pain Points of a Rental Property Owner in India

Dear Rental Property Owners,

We understand the pain property owners like you have to go through in managing your rental properties. Rental transactions in India is a fragmented market with various service providers working along the value chain. This leads to a negative cost-benefit outcome for property owners who manage them on their own.

Below are some unavoidable tasks which can drain your energies -

  • Getting your property rent ready- Coordinating with cleaning team, painting team and repair technicians to get the property rent ready.

  • Photographs - Getting professional photographs done for the property.

  • Advertising and Coordination - Advertising your property through various listing classifieds, coordination with real estate brokers

  • Managing enquiries and tenant visits.

  • Tenant Screening

  • Rental Agreement and Contract

And if you are a owner of the property who is not living in the city(e.g NRIs), the pain is magnified many times.

The quantum of time taken in getting the above tasks done can actually be invested in something worthwhile (hobby, family, health). This was the reason Unplan Property Management Services was started in 2015 to help you save time(and money) on your rental real estate assets.

Unplan is an integrated property management service provider which works along the value chain connecting Property Owners to Tenants and managing everything in between.

Have a look at our property management offering –

1) Property maintenance – All kinds of property maintenance and renovation services from painting, repair, cleaning, pest control to interior design and execution can be handled by our team of service experts.

2) Property Management- Tenancy management, property advertising, enquiry and visit management, Legal and Taxation management etc.

3) Advisory and Brokerage – Our panel of Real estate experts and Agents provide advisory services for your real estate investments. Talk to us if you are looking to invest in Bangalore in residential or commercial asset classes.

If you are an Owner of a rental property asset in Bangalore, we would love to talk to you to understand how we can be of help to you. Reach out to us at /+91-9108284705 .

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