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Rental Property Management with Unplan

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Manage your rental properties remotely

As COVID19 spreads, the case for remote management of assets gets stronger day by day. Having been a maintenance partner for 000s of rental home transactions, we understand the various pain points of Remote Owners and Tenants. Our offering is designed to solve these pain points in the most efficient and affordable way. Here are a few of the tasks we do as part of our service -

  • Property Maintenance - Repair, Painting, Cleaning and Sanitization to get your property rent ready. Periodic maintenance checks to ensure property stays in best condition.

  • Tenant Management - Property advertisement, Visit Management, Tenant search and finalizing, handling tenant queries regularly.

  • Document Management - Rental Agreement signing, delivery.

  • Rent Collection and deposit to your account.

  • 365 days availability of our property managers to solve any queries from Owners and Tenants.

The best part - we offer 10% discount on all maintenance services for our property management customers:) If you or your friends/family own real estate in Bangalore or Mysore and are worried about managing these properties, do reach out to us for a hassle free experience.

Learn more here -

You can reach out to us at / +91-9108284705.

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