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The Turbulences involved in Management of a Property

We are well aware of the troubles involved in managing your property all alone. It is indeed a stressful job.

Let’s face it, property management was never easy and it doesn’t get any better with time, no matter how long you have been in the industry. There are several perils and challenges for a landlord and an owner when it comes to property management, it is something that requires a lot of heavy lifting. Finding and keeping tenants, the unexpected maintenance costs due to the rain or so, government regulations, resolving the complaints of tenants, accounting tasks, marketing, all of these tasks can prove to be cumbersome, tedious and time-consuming.

We work with the best brokers in the city to provide you with end to end property management solutions by alleviating some of the weight off your chest as we aspire to be your favourite and trusted home service partner, making it possible for you to manage your property even remotely.

Having already provided thousands of people with property management solutions in the cities of Bangalore and Mysore, let’s make you 1001. We visit your property and provide a quotation at absolutely free of cost. Remodelling, civil masonry, cleaning, sanitizing, painting, repairing, all done to make your property pretty and rent-ready. We proceed by finding you the most suitable tenant by appropriate marketing, handling all the property visits, finalizing the deal and eventually handling tenant queries regularly. The boring, legal documentation part is also covered by us- rental agreement signage as well as its delivery. Collect rent and deposit it directly into your bank account. Our dedicated team of property managers work round the clock to provide you with support to take you through the real estate wilderness.

At Unplan, we work to smoothen up the entire process of property management to acquire optimal ROI. Why plan when there is Unplan?

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