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Trouble finding a new tenant for your property on rent?

It is common knowledge to get your home on rent all prepped up before listing it out for rent. If it’s nice looking, well-kept, competitively priced and advertised well, you’ll receive a lot of interest and attention.

We have simplified the way for you to do so!

1) The first impression counts!

It could prove to be a dealbreaker as that’s the first thing your potential tenants will eye. Not only the interior but also the exterior walls should be well kept with painting and repair - make sure it's on point and get them excited.

2) Don't overlook the utilities and appliances

It’s a given to get them repaired or even replaced if needed. If your microwave has been repaired over the past 10 years, make sure to schedule a replacement instead of over repairing it. Test all electrical appliances for functionality. It will make your tenants satisfied even before they move in.

3) Painting

Fresh and newly painted walls with great colours is the single biggest factor that appeals to tenants. They are sure to get delighted once they witness the glow of the walls. Get the waterproofing done for any leakages for them to be stress-free.

4) Get all the carpentry, electrical and plumbing work done

Replace the chair with the broken leg, the bathroom with the broken pipe, check with the geyser, no one likes a cold water shower. Don’t forget the kitchen and its appliances as dirt and dust accumulation is common in those tight spots.

5) Cleaning is critical

Get your home deep cleaned and make sure to have spic and span bathrooms as

regular cleaning sometimes just doesn’t cut it. Also make sure the rent house is clean in a professional manner with cleaning floor machines, carpet cleaning, sofa shampooing and even scrubbing machines.

6) Give your house a makeover keeping your potential tenants in mind

Always keep your tenants in mind while designing your house on rent. If you’re trying to appeal to many people, be smart and keep the colour scheme and furnishing neutral with lots of room for personalization. Hence, design your house on rent accordingly., set, match. Congrats on finding your new tenant!

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