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Troubled about choosing the right paint colour for your home? We’ve made it easy!

Don’t you just love the smell and the demeanour of fresh paint? It sure can be a calming experience. The quest for choosing the right paint colour can really break your back as you unquestionably don’t want to make a colour mistake. Here we provide you with valuable pointers that after reading about 300 words, you will achieve some clarity, preventing the time and money consuming affair.

Don’t skip the research:

It’s natural to get the first things out of the way by selecting a colour, but one has to hold their horses. Pinterest is a great place to begin. Take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere, shortlist those that catch your eye. Remember, it’s easier to pick the colour of paint which goes well with the furniture and decor than choosing the other way around.

Do dummy runs:

Don’t pick a colour right away. Try and experiment with enough colours so you’re sure of one. There are samples out there for every kind of paint for you to play around with. It’s time to bring out the mad scientist in you!

Analyze the type of paint:

Study the types of finishes and the level of sheen as per your requirement. Matt finish has the least sheen, there are options of low sheen, rich matte, high sheen too. High sheen has its own advantages, it’s super easily washable, lasts for donkey’s years but is the most pricey, onwards of INR 15. While Matt finishes is on the cheaper side of INR 5-7 with no scope of washability. It all eventually boils down to your preferred choice.

Ultimately it is important to remember that the paint you choose is only as good as the expertise of the painter and the tools they use to paint with. At Unplan, we can affirm that we onboard the best who meet our stringent selection criteria based on experience and skill.

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