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The Unplan- COVID19 Disinfection and Sanitization initiative is an antiviral fumigation service that uses Antiviral Fumigants + Chemical Surface Disinfectants, to systematically combat COVID 19 and allied infections, providing your home and office space with aerosol and surface Disinfection for upto 3 hours (estimated life of a virus on any surface), by essentially killing and inactivating any live or residual viruses.

The solutions are mixed and dispensed into the said spaces in their safe limits, with the aim to nullify any infective agent that maybe present, as per the CDC recommendations.

We recommend, to avail these services, Once every two weeks, for maximal effect, depending upon the risk potential of your work/home space. We at UNPLAN extend our responsible support, to the society in this combat against COVID 19.

Together we can!

To Book us, or any further information for your service, follow the link:

Or call us at +91-9108284705, +91- 9019948863.

We will be happy to serve you to Keep you Safe Regards, Team UNPLAN

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