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Launching UnplanGo

We are happy to announce the launch of our new services platform called UnplanGo.

UnplanGo ( is an on-demand professional maid service starting at Rs 180/ hour. Currently live in Indiranagar, Domlur and surrounding areas, UnplanGo aims to provide a quick, affordable and professional cleaning solution to your daily requirements.

Our parent brand, Unplan (,has been in the home services space providing property maintenance and renovation services since 2015. After serving thousands of customers over the years, we realized that there is still a huge gap in customers' home cleaning requirements vs the existing service providers in Bangalore market. To understand this gap, we need to understand the various service providers in the market.

Today if you want to get your home cleaned, I have following options -

1) Hire a maid on monthly basis for Utensils cleaning, sweeping, mopping and once in a week bathroom cleaning service.

Cost - Low. Rs 2000 to Rs 5000 per month depending upon the locality, work scope, maid etc.

Time - Approx 1-2 hours everyday

Effort - Mid to High, Daily management, Effort goes up if the maid is not professional/trained/bunks often, Difficulty in finding a maid, Assessing her skills.

2) Hire a professional cleaning company(like Unplan) for deep cleaning service which covers your complete home and is typically a full day affair and provided by a team of 2-5 professional cleaners.

Cost - Rs 3000 to Rs 10,000 depending on the service provider, house size, house condition etc.

(Unplan is one of the most affordable deep cleaning service provider in Bangalore. Check us out at )

Time - 1 day

Effort - Low

Cons - Difficulty in finding a good service provider, Costly, Pre-booked, High involvement from customer's end

3) Do it myself - Recommended as cleaning your own home is de-stressing and you would feel good!

Cost - None, May be cleaning supplies

Time - few hours, depending on the condition

Effort - High, tiring and due to our busy lifestyles finding time regularly can be a hassle

Cons - Time invested can be put to something more important

Over the years as we served more and more customers, we usually got this feedback that we don't we have a service which they can order regularly and which has a scope more than what a maid does but costs cheaper than a professional deep cleaning. To solve this problem for our customers, we do offer an hourly deep cleaning service which solves these pain points. However the service was costlier due to operational aspects of us providing the supplies and logistics etc. Also the service was not on-demand and involved pre-booking. Also customers usually had the supplies except maybe a vaccum cleaner.

We went back to the drawing board again to solve this. What came out is UnplanGo. UnplanGo is a maid service which is-

- provided by professionally trained maids

- customizable to handle broad requirements

- affordable as it starts from Rs 180 per hour

- using customer supplies hence logistics is cheaper which is passed back to the customer in form of lower prices.

We are a feedback driven organisation and customer feedback acts as starting point for our service design. UnplanGo is one more step in our continous efforts to provide the right offerings, right service experience and at right prices. We request our customers to explore our service and give us feedback to improve the same. As part of our launch, We are offering 50% discount on our services, use coupon code GO50. You can book our services at

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