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UnplanGo maid services - Our Pricing

We wanted to write this blog to inform our customers about our pricing and how it is arrived at-

UnplanGo is a on-demand professional maid service launched in Sep'19 serving Indiranagar and surrounding areas. We aim to make access to professional cleaners affordable and easy for our customers.

As we had mentioned in our previous posts, currently professional cleaning can be accessed by booking a deep cleaning which only has fixed scope of work. However customers do have smaller requirements and also they cannot afford to pay Rs 4000 to Rs 10000 every time they get a cleaning done.

To solve these issues, We have structured our professional maid service to be priced on an hourly basis and kept the scope of work open for customers to decide. Our current prices starts from Rs 180 per hour. We offer our services in 3 packages -

Maid service for 1 hour - Rs 230 per hour

Maid service for 2 hours - Rs 200 per hour

Maid service for 3 hours - Rs 180 per hour

As you might observe, we are offering lower prices for longer bookings as a part of time and cost savings for maid due to lesser travel is being passed on to the customers.

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