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UnplanGo - Professional maid service - when would you need our services?

UnplanGo ( ) is an on-demand maid service launched by Unplan ( ), a property maintenance and home services group based out of Bangalore.

UnplanGo Launch

We launched our service in September, 2019 with an aim to solve the daily cleaning requirements of urban homes. Our services are designed to be-

- Quick - you can book for 1 hour, 2 hour or 3 hours

- On-demand - Book as per your schedule and even at a notice of just 1 hour

- Customizable - you can get utensils cleaned as well as get dusting or windows cleaning done too!

- Professional and trained maids

- Affordable - Starting at just Rs 180 per hour

Check our services here -

What customer problems are we trying to solve here?

As we served thousands of customers over the years, we identified a gap not being served by professional cleaning companies nor by your current maid. This gap is the daily cleaning requirements of urban homes. There are multiple use cases for our services -

1) Your maid has not turned up - Maids are notorious for their unscheduled holidays leading to total chaos in your homes. We estimate on an average a maid takes about 6 days of off's in a month out of which 4 are official weekly off's and 2 off's are either pre-informed or otherwise. Nevertheless not having your maid approximately 20% of the time is big hassle especially with higher and higher nuclearization of Indian families and the trend towards working couples. We believe a lot of our customers face this situation and with no backup option available in the market, they end up doing it themselves or just letting it be. UnpanGo

professional on-demand maid service is designed to solve this pain point where we intend to build sufficient professional supply to ensure on-demand service availability.

Recommended frequency - Order when maid has not come, Maybe order once over 2-3 days if maid is not available for longer periods.

2) Special Occasions - Special occasions such as family visits, festivals etc leading to higher cleaning requirement which is currently not being addressed in reasonable price point or with easier convenience. UnplanGo's professional maids can be a good source of on-demand workforce for our customers to supplement their existing maids.

Recommended frequency - Order as per your requirement in terms of number of hours and number of maids. We recommend planning ahead to avoid any last minute availability issues.

3) Requirements beyond your current maid's scope of work - Most of the times, maids are hired for - utensils cleaning, floor sweeping and mopping and once in a while bathroom cleaning. This leaves a huge gap in customer requirement such as Dusting, Windows, Balconies, Furniture, Cupboards etc which again we believe can be addressed with UnplanGo's on-demand maid services. Our service is designed for customers to call in once in a week to get a professional cleaner to clean those areas which your regular maid doesn't!

Recommended frequency - Weekly once for 2 or 3 hours to get dusting done for the complete house including the areas which your maid doesn't cover.

4) Your maid service quality is not upto your satisfaction - This happens quite often and there are multiple structural issues related to maids that we believe contribute to service quality issues. As many maids come from rural backgrounds,are uneducated, lack any technical job training and sometimes lacks professionalism as well, it has been a big pain point among customers in urban homes. UnplanGo's on-demand professional maid would be an ideal support service for your on-going home maintenance.

Recommended frequency - Weekly once, ideally on the Off day for your maid to provide a thorough professional cleaning for the complete house.

and finally

5) You have not kept a monthly maid - A lot of homes in Bangalore do not keep a maid. The residents either manage the cleaning themselves or hire services like Hourly Cleaning Services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Some of these customers have been ordering with us for few years since our inception. We would like to thank these customers for trusting us and also giving us feedback and insights which we have used in designing UnplanGo. Our professional maid service costing from Rs 180 per hour makes it much more convenient, affordable and flexible for our customers to manage their cleanings now.

With UnplanGo, we are trying to address the existing gaps in our ecosystem with our services and look forward to serving more diverse customer requirements in future. Readers can leave comments below as suggestions for us to incorporate in our service. We hope to become a preferred cleaning vendor to every home in Bangalore.

Thank you

Team UnplanGo

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