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UnplanGo - What can you get cleaned?

Dear Reader,

One of the key reason for us to launch UnplanGo hourly maid services was aspect of customers being able to customize their cleaning services as per their requirements. At Unplan, we have always provided fixed scope packages such as -

Full Home Deep Cleaning - for complete home deep cleaning

Bathroom Deep Cleaning - for bathrooms

Kitchen Deep Cleaning - for kitchens etc.

However, a lot of times many of our customers would call us with custom requirements to add to their fixed packages such as balcony cleaning, fan cleaning, utensils cleaning etc.

At Unplan, we take deep pride in providing really great customer experience and these requests were handled by coordinating with the cleaning teams.

However, a lot of times customer only had these custom requirements which did not fit into our fixed packages. Even though we have provided services for these situations as well but it always used to be through multiple phone calls between customer and operations and then operations and the cleaning teams. We wanted to solve this by making this seamless for all the stakeholders involved - Customer, Unplan Team and Cleaning Team. These various customer requirements were the initial source of inspiration for launching UnplanGO.

Now, what is the scope of UnplanGo?

We intend to keep the scope of our services open for customers to decide as per their requirements. As of now, you can get done anything from basic maid service to dusting and everything in between with an UnplanGo professional maid!

Based on few initial services we have provided, below are some popular requirements customers are hiring UnplanGo for -

1) Maid Services - Utensils washing, sweeping and mopping, Bathroom cleaning

2) Dusting - Complete house dusting, window dusting, Furniture dusting etc.

3) Bathroom Cleaning

4) Balcony cleaning

5) Fan Cleaning

6) Semi-Deep Cleaning

7) Move in cleaning for empty homes

8) Office Cleaning - Sweeping and Mopping, Dusting of chairs and tables.

Apart from above, we cover other use cases such as cupboard cleaning, cabinet cleaning, roof washing, cobweb removal and many more.

Whats not covered?

Only cleaning of unsafe areas, cleaning using unsafe chemicals or cleaning areas which needs hard scrubbing is not covered in our services.

We hope to collect many more use cases of UnplanGO service as we scale to more customers and locations across Bangalore. These use cases help us in training our maids to be more efficient and provide higher quality to our customers.

Book your UnplanGo service and experience it first hand! -

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Thank you

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