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When basic cleaning doesn’t cut it, Deep Cleaning is the Answer

Regular cleaning v/s Deep cleaning

Housekeeping has varieties. There are various requirements of a cleaner, greener home.

Regular cleaning is a set of tasks performed on a daily basis like mopping the floor, washing of dishes, cleaning of the bathroom, kitchen, and so on to maintain a certain level of hygiene around the house.

Deep cleaning is where one needs to carry big guns. It generally is done quarterly using heavy machinery. It means hunting for dust mites behind furniture and cabinets, addressing scum from showerheads, faucets, under the sink, taps, scrubbing inside ovens, under the washing machine, behind the fridge, mopping floors under rugs, and sweeping along baseboards, ceilings, and window frames. It’s all done to reach the nasty grime accumulating over time in those areas and eliminating it. It is meant for places that regular cleaning just can’t get through to. Something a germaphobe would die for.

When you should get it done?

Moving in or out of a home: Before you get started on the fun, exciting parts of moving to a new place, you have to take care of the basics. The family who lived there before must’ve unintentionally left behind grime, dust, germs, and stains. A clean slate isn’t as clean as it looks.

Post- party: Post a party, things can get really messed up. Sticky spills and broken glasses are inevitable. Friends do help your party but seldom help you with your cleaning. For a tired host or hostess, it truly is overwhelming to look around and feel like there’s so much to do with little energy left in your body to do it.

Which places should be covered?

Your home, kitchen, bathroom, and office should be made cleaner at regular intervals as it adds to your mental peace.

It is therefore important to deep clean to get to the root cause of the problem. Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness. We at Unplan, have got your back.

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