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Why Sanitization Is Now More Important Than Ever Before

Don’t confuse regular cleaning with sanitization for they are poles apart. Dusting, mopping, sweeping, washing, etc is a part of cleaning which needs to be done regularly. But merely cleaning does not kill any germs. Germs are yet lingering on surfaces that you use, touch, every day, waiting for the right moments to pounce and attack us. Sanitization services are therefore done in medical clinics, restaurants, and kitchens, gyms, etc. to reduce the bacteria levels considerably. It will heavily reduce contamination, which means that you and your loved ones will be safe, sound, and healthy.

The new normal

The lockdown has been lifted, we are all resuming with our work and lives and it feels way better than ever. The aspect which cannot be overlooked is the situation that the coronavirus pandemic has caused. To this day, thousands of people are being infected. The best way we shall continue going forward is being as precautionary as possible. Maintaining social distance has also gone for a toss, but it’s always better to sanitize our hands, wear a mask, avoid shaking hands and making physical contact altogether.

The importance of sanitization in this day and age

As many of us have started heading out to work, note that different people may visit your office and homes. They may carry the harmful bacteria and unknowingly spread it on surfaces such as the door, the desk, table, chair, knob, etc. That certainly poses a threat to your health and well-being. So it is of paramount importance to wipe out any odds of contamination. Here’s how.

1) Cleaning should be a 2 step process. Regular cleaning before sanitization and disinfection.

2) Sanitization of the spot if heavy usage takes place, such as the door to the washroom or a tool that is used by many.

3) Regular disinfection of the workplace and home sanitization, so one does not carry the virus elsewhere.

For your peace of mind, let us at Unplan protect the robustness of you and your family with comprehensive sanitization services with only the best-certified chemicals.

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